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Quickest path to offer an FMCSA-registered ELD solution. You can pick from a branding package and a business package. We rebrand all our services to your needs and brand it to your company identity. We support more than 15 different ECM devices making it very easy for you to acquire customers with an ELD solution in place. Just install your new ELD app and the customer becomes instantly compliant.

Our ELD solution was developed and built in-house by our developers years before the ELD mandate was announced in the US. apollo electronic logbooks (AOBRD) was launched to market 2 years before the mandate was first presented by FMCSA.

Branding packages:

Use the apollo ELD brand.

We white-label all our services (Android and iOS apps, online portal) with your company identity.

Business packages:

Reseller package: You support the end users and apollo ELD Solutions provide sales, marketing and support material for you to be successful.

FMCSA registration: We register your brand with FMCSA. Your name will be listed on the FMCSA registered ELD website

Build your ELD business: We provide you with detailed financial information (P&L), 1-year projection, business operation manual, help you setup your new business and help you close your first deal.

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